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Are you having pet behavior problems?

Would you like to overcome pet behavior problems and create ease in your animal’s life and yours

Do you dread going home because of what you might find due to behavior problems or challenges you are having with your pet?

Do you avoid taking your dog for walks for fear of how he/she responds to other animals?

Is your pet afraid of people, loud noises or other animals?

My energy program, Creating Ease In Your Pet’s Life, assists people overcome pet behavior problems so that they release emotions that are influencing their behavior.  The program consists of mp3 recordings that are played for the pets.  The recording can be played with or without volume, the infused energies will work on your pet either way. You can play these recordings for them continuously (in a loop) and observe behavior change.  Every time you play the recordings a new layer is released by your pet until eventually you are both having ease in all your lives!!!

The program assists in the following:

  • Releasing Being a Surrogate – In some instances our pets take on the job to be surrogates.  This means that they will take on diseases for us as a contribution to us.  This energy recording will assist your pet in understanding that it’s OK to be a surrogate but to not keep the illness in their body and give it to the earth to be transmuted.
  • Releasing Entities from Animals – Have you ever noticed a cat being very clumsy or a dog not behaving like a dog?  or even a horse being chased out of the pasture because it doesn’t behave like a horse?  Well, this might be due to the animal’s body being inhabited by more than one animal soul and one that doesn’t belong to the type of body the animal has (i.e. a dog in a cat’s body).
  • Releasing Fear/Anxiety of Being Left Alone – Of the many pet behavior problems, anxiety is very common and highly destructive for all.  In some instances due to past experience/life our animals suffer from terrible anxiety of being left alone.  This is one of those behavior problems that in some instances the owner is required to find a new living location.  This energy recording will assist with this behavior challenge.
  • Releasing Fear/Anxiety of Loud Noises – Fear of loud noises is a big behavior challenge we face.  Thunderstorms or delivery trucks can cause panic in some animals that they don’t know what to do.  This energy recording will assist with this behavior challenge so that you and your pet have more ease with life and this behavior problem does not lead to bigger problems later on.
  • Releasing Fear of Other Animals – Fear is a big driver for animal aggression.  A fearful animal can be an aggressive animal.  This recording will slowly ease the animal of the fear of being attacked or hurt by other animals.
  • Releasing Fear of People – In some instances due to past experience/life animals were mistreated by men or women.  It’s time for them to trust people again and know they are safe in their care. This recording assist in the release of fear of people behavior problem.
  • Releasing PTSD in Animals – Traumatic events cause PTSD on animals and they re-live the event.  This could be the reason for the behavior challenges you are facing.  This recording releases past trauma as much as the animals are willing to let it go.


  • Releasing Judgments Placed on by Others – We place a lot of judgment on our pets and others.  As the owner of a giant breed, I can feel others judging my Neapolitan Mastiff.  By playing this energetic recording at the end of the day, the animals releases a big burden placed on them by people.
  • Releasing Karma – Humans are not the only ones that carry Karma.  Our animals also carry it but now it’s time to release it so that they do not carry on with old apprehensions with other animals, places or people.
  • Releasing Genetic Disorders – In some instances, the pet is willing to give up the genetic disorder in their body.  If it’s possible, this energetic recording can release it.

What would life be like without pet behavior problems?

How much fun could you and your fur baby have?

Introductory Offer: $59.00  pet behavior problems guarantee



“I have them on loop and usually play 2 loops first thing in the morning. 2-3 loops in the afternoon and once usually between 9 and 10pm. I originally was hoping to aid my semi-feral dog. So far, she has not run into her crate during thunderstorms-so that is huge!! Thundershirts didn’t help.  Only down side is she is now sleeping on my bed during the day, sneaking into the bedroom – lol!!  Maybe some evidence of confidence? It doesn’t bother me as Tank and my other dog Lola always sleep on the bed with me at night. And one of my cats, who is very skittish (a Siamese who was rescued as a kitten) and will not come near anyone, has been coming into my computer room and sleeping under my desk now. She has even rubbed up against my leg a few times. Still not able to pat her, but getting closer and the fact she wants to hang out in the room now-that is huge!! Those are the only things that I have noticed so far. Will let you know more as they develop!!” 


“The behaviors I wanted to modify are my dog’s anxiety/PTSD, food obsession, and impulse/fixations (on unhelpful things and issues). When I use them for her she is calmer, tends to fall asleep, and seems to be more trusting of me…I noticed that a longstanding and mysterious health problem in my other dog has subsided somewhat! Thank you so much, I’ve got a feeling your recordings are going to be very helpful in the long term for both my dogs.”