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Trauma Management

The world is going through some very traumatic events.  We are experiencing wildfires, floods, earthquakes, many other disasters as well as the death of loved ones which cause us trauma.

Our Trauma Management is based on Neurokinesis. It works witenergymdt trauma managementh uniquely scripted applications for the BRAIN to quickly remove the fears and anxieties that these experiences cause in so many of us.

You can retain the memory without the threat of the pain filled “memory of the memory.” EMS and other First responders do not have to suffer either because of how quickly our techniques deal with the trauma that too often leads to PTSD.

The sessions will be held Tuesdays from 5:00 to 6:30 p.m. (EST) via Zoom

Before purchasing a session, please ensure your system is capable of handling zoom teleconference by going to https://zoom.us/meetings

FUNDRAISING FOR ALL NATURAL DISASTERS WITH THE PROCEEDS FROM ALL CLASSES YOU BUY. Please consider helping you and the victims of natural disasters!

Since this program is a “pay as you go”, there are no refunds – no exceptions! 

Please make sure to register for the class via the link you receive in your email and for your one time use of the support group discount code!


October 3th – week 4: 

October 10th – week 5: 

October 17th – week 6: 


If you need additional support while on the program, we offer weekly support group meetings.  Click here to enroll on a weekly basis.



Thank you so much for the wonderful webinar you hosted tonight! So many blocks removed and better feelings about money!  I appreciate you and what you do for our community of coaches!


My neck and lower back were stiff like is common, so they were pretty tight trying to curl up into ball and was uncomfortable because of that, but I did it anyway and fell asleep in that position, and then I did it throughout the night when I woke up, too. Woke up with my neck not stiff at all and that it is almost ALWAYS stiff every morning, and my lower back not as stiff. And I woke up SUPER relaxed feeling!! My whole body just relaxed feeling, like my muscles were just limp everywhere (except a little bit of soreness in lower back, but not as much as usual). That felt really nice! Did it again for a while before I got out of bed, then, too to see if would help lower back more. Just a small bit of soreness in lower back now as I move around. Also, noticed I just feel lighter in spirit, not worried as much as have been kind of stressing lately.


After class last night I now understand the putting your finger on the center point of your pain. It has helped with both neck pain and shoulder pain. I’ve often noted that I can feel the exact pain point, now I know what to do about it. It is similar to how I could tell where I needed an acupuncture needle because my skin would get really itchy. Thank you for helping me learn how to help my body (and brain) help itself.


I confess to being an emotional eater and sugaraholic. Very frustrating. After the weight class I am totally free of it. I keep doing the technique and I couldn’t believe it would work that fast. I waited to make sure it wasn’t just me using willpower but it is not that. I also have an awareness of portion size and also when I am full. Didn’t have that before. I can’t wait for the next class!


I lost two pounds overnight after first weight loss class! : ) I too had been doing emotional eating, late night mostly, and “mindless” eating with craving either salty or sugar or both. lol! Now I stop when I am full, actually noticing actual hunger. Still wanted something last night.. went for salty popcorn and butter.. at least I stopped after that! We have to remember to do it before EVERY bite or meal.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me for that online class. I haven’t done anything different and I’m down 5.2 pounds since I watched it by using what I learned.