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Multi-Dimension Energy Sessions (MDES) are dynamic energies which work with you to release blockages that are limiting your life, living, finances, relationships.  You can listen to these energies with low or no volume while you sleep or while you relax.  There is no need for a headset – these energies have no pre-requisites.

Becoming Money Magnet

Creating Magic In Your Relationships

Letting Go


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“One thing I noticed after playing the Becoming Money Magnet recording is a sense of ease around money. It is not like visibly something has changed but somewhere the knowing that money flows are making new pathways filled with ease and joy is there”


“Wow I love this recording (Letting Go). I felt my chest opening up. What kind of energy are here? It’s phenomenal


“Wow!! I listen to this one (Becoming Money Magnet) twice. The energies are awesome”


“Good morning. I have been listening to it (Becoming Money Magnet) every day. The biggest thing that I have noticed is that it is changing the way that I look and think about money. I’m thinking about it more in ways that I will have it and it’s just a matter of time till I will be worry free as it refers to money. It has caused me to change my outlook and the way that I think. I no longer allow myself to think “I can’t afford that. I’ll never have that.” I now try to think of it in more positive ways. The only thing I would say about the actual recording itself, some of the pauses are a bit long. It almost makes you think that you lost the recording. All in all I feel very positive. I am going to listen to it throughout the weekend and start the other on Monday.”