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The “I AM Series” energy package will assist you in realizing who you are, opening you to the abilities you have and be the truly abundant being you be! Now is the time to embody Power, Control, Awareness, Creativity and thus have an abundant life of Joy and ultimately Money! The energies are ripe for you to allow these energies to work on your behalf and enjoy the life you’ve been looking for…one that you thought was only a dream!

Clients have felt the following benefits after listening to the “I AM Series” energy package:

  • Self-confident
  • Courage to persevere through life challenges
  • Feel in control of their life
  • Awareness of self, relationships, business, health
  • Balanced
  • Happier
  • FulfilledI AM Series guarantee
  • Healthier
  • High energy


Ximena’s Introductory Offer: $99


 ITEM 1: I AM Power

Format: Downloadable MP3       Value: $199.00

DESCRIPTION: The I AM Power assists you in being Power and releasing believes that are no longer a contribution to you. It helps you get your power back from all those beings and situations you gave it to. If you feel Power is out of your control then you feel defenseless and your self-esteem suffers. But when you embody Power, you know you are in the driving seat in your life; your self-esteem/self-worth increases. You feel freedom…when was the last time you felt free? The feeling of knowing you are the Power in your life is very expansive and you will know how to use it to better your life, living, finances as well as your society and the world. Fear and victimhood will be something from the past.


  • Clearing of traumas this lifetime and others
  • Clearing of beliefs and contracts made to not recovery personal power
  • Self-confidence
  • Inner-strength
  • Courage to persevere through life challenges
  • Recovery of personal power

ITEM 2: I AM Control 

Format: Downloadable MP3       Value: $199.00

DESCRIPTION: The I AM Control assists you in being Control and releasing believes that are no longer a contribution to you. Understanding that control for your life, living, reality is all within YOU! If you feel that control is out of you then you feel that you are at the mercy of everything and everyone. Imagine you embodying Control of everything you do, everything you have, everything you create, or when these take place? Can you handle being Control of YOU?


  • Clearing of trauma, oaths, vows and believes so that you are in control of you and what benefits you
  • Self-confidence, Inner-strength
  • Break away from repeating patterns
  • Take control of own life
  • Love and care for others but under your terms

ITEM 3: I AM Awareness     

Format: Downloadable MP3       Value: $199.00

DESCRIPTION: The I AM Awareness assists you being Awareness and releasing believes that are no longer a contribution to you. Have you been walking through life like a zombie? Have you been wondering why things happen when they happen or when something good happens you decide is luck? What would happen if you were open to being Awareness? Are you willing to know, to have that “gut” feeling when to take action in your life, living, relationships, finance? Embodying Awareness will provide this for you. Being Awareness will assist you in understanding who you be and release self-judgment that are limiting you; thus, you will start seeing new opportunities to take action to improve your life, relationships, and finances!


  • Release and healing of self-judgment and judgment of others
  • Removes blocks that prevent unconditional love and who you truly be on all levels
  • Clears anger directed to self and others
  • Increase awareness to know what choices to make for best outcome to you in all areas of your life
  • Increase awareness of who and what other’s true role in your life
  • Balanced, happier, healthier life.

ITEM 4: I AM Creativity

Format: Downloadable MP3       Value: $199.00

DESCRIPTION: The I AM Creativity assists you in being Creativity and releasing believes that are no longer a contribution to you. Being Creativity will open your ability to create new futures. To know that you can come up with new solutions to your challenges. Do you know that all the problems in your life already have a solution? Yes, you created the problems and the solutions before you embodied this lifetime. Now, all you have to do is remember the solution! Yes, every time there’s a problem, creativity will provide the solution and answers.


  • Clearing of limiting believes that no longer serve you
  • Knowledge that you are safe
  • Understanding that you are the creator of your life
  • Ability to create abundance, money or anything that you desire
  • Self-confidence
  • Inner-strength


Format: Downloadable MP3       Value: $199.00

DESCRIPTION: The I AM Joy assists you in being Joy and releasing believes that are no longer a contribution to you. How many times have you made someone or something external to you your happiness, your joy? How long did it last? Looking for joy outside of you is not lasting. Yes, you’ll find it for a time but you’ll still be unfulfilled, incomplete…happiness comes elusive. “I would be happy if I had a perfect job”, “I would be happy if I didn’t have the family I have” and so on. What if you embodied Joy? What if you were joyful just because…coming from inside of you? Joyful when you feel the sun, wind, etc…just because you are JOY!


  • Clearing of limiting believes, traumas, behaviors
  • Clearing the need to suffer
  • Releases judgment, anger
  • Re-stores your child like wonder
  • Creates ease with relationships
  • Self-confidence
  • Inner-strength

ITEM 6: I AM Money

Format: Downloadable MP3       Value: $199.00

DESCRIPTION: The I AM Money assists you in being Money and releasing believes that are no longer a contribution to you. We have made money more significant that it is…we have made it our security as if without money we are not secure! Money is just energy. That’s all it is. We have also attached many believes to it and that limits us. It’s time to remove our love/hate relationship with Money. It’s time to embody the energy of Money so that we can create it easily in our lives. Did you know that Money follows Joy? The more joyful you are in life, the more money wants to be with you!


  • Clearing of oaths, vows, controls from past lives
  • Clearing of money believes that are not beneficial
  • Clearing of the need to suffer and unable to get the abundance you want
  • Clarity with money
  • Take control of life
  • Self-Confidence

It’s time to create your future. Knowing you are Power and Control will provide you the freedom to be Awareness and give rein to your Creativity to produce goods you could sell or answers you need to move forward in life; thus, bringing Joy to your life which in turn will flirt with Money to come into your path to have a phenomenal life…but, are you READY?

Plus you get these amazing Bonuses with the

“I AM Series” energy package!

Format: Downloadable MP3s

Bonus 1 – Getting mojo back!

  • Value: $75.00
  • Benefits: Feel sexy to the other sex, again!

Bonus 2 – Clarity

  • Value: $75.00
  • Benefits: Easier to focus and determine what you want/choose; thus, manifest it!

Bonus 3 – Harmony is thy state

  • Value: $75.00
  • Benefits: Raises vibrations for a live full of peace and harmony with family members

Bonus 4 – Protection Shield

  • Value: $75.00
  • Benefits: Protection from thoughts and emotions of others, from radiation, sound waves, chem trails and other pollutants found in our environment


Ximena’s Introductory Offer: $99



“I purchased your package and I just wanted to tell you how fantastic it is. I just wanted to let you now how much I am enjoying it and how powerful it is. I have purchased many packages but I feel that this is one of the best ones that I have purchased, at least for me!! Thank you so much for these MP3s.”


“In a world of hype and empty promises, Ximena is the real deal. She is brilliant, yet unassuming. Her group sessions are insightful and enlightening. Her modules work together… just listening sparked miraculous internal changes in me. I feel in-tune with my body, in touch with my intuition, and I’m learning how to bring joy back into my life at a time when I didn’t think it was possible. Ximena’s “I AM Series” truly delivers! I highly recommend it!”


“When I met Ximena, I did not know where to get money to buy the I AM series package. I just knew I need to do it. I listened to the phone call over and over again. So, money for the program magically appeared giving me the opportunity to change my life. I was so helpless, un-grounded and agoraphobic at that time, completely at mercy of others. I was at the point that, I thought, I would probably die. I did not want to die, so I committed to healing. I got together with Ximena twice over the phone. After that , Life started to happen to me. I stepped into my power. I got a job, where I am respected. They are paying me extra. I got a puppy (such a joy). My husband stopped abusing me. I believed in miracle and I got it. One more thing, we were estranged with my family. It was too much for me. It is different now. Very grateful! Thank you Ximena God bless your heart”


“My heart is rejoicing since I purchased your program. I use your tools daily in my life. During the live calls with you, I was able to share my issues that were appearing and through your incredible work, they were disappearing! My eyes were feeling sore and were red, it felt like I had pink eye, sticky and gross. We worked on it and it diminished instantly! Apparently I picked it up from my dad when he was dying. I understand now how this happens. Thank you! The other thing I must mention here is that my money has increased! I AM MONEY! I recommend Ximena highly to everyone! I’m looking forward to any other tools or calls you will be offering. Blessings.”

MJ (New York)

“Your voice was beautiful. I loved saying “yes” to each affirmation so as to solidify and bring that affirmation into embodiment. I found myself taking a deep breath on my own after saying yes. It felt natural to do it then. My heart chakra was activated throughout the journey and, my crown chakra was activated around 1/2 way or 3/4 way through. It felt powerful and yet it is hard to put into words. I nodded off a couple of times because I was at the end of the day, so it brought me to a relaxation point enough to doze off slightly a couple of times. I am so elated for joy with this new product that you created, it is very unique.”

Rose (US)

“Ximena, I have done the program and let me tell you, I feel sooo good! I have more energy, more at peace. At work I feel more in control and know the answers to my problems are there for the asking. This is so new for me, I always had to struggle in getting customers to listen but no more! Thank you”

JL (Santa Cruz)

“Ximena, I am doing the I AM series program. Let me tell you, during the I AM Power session, I did not feel much energy moving; however, after the session I felt and I am still feeling huge energy moves. It is hard to describe it but definitely I feel my solar plexus and heart chakra energy moving and open to have my power back!!! I’m sorry but it’s really hard to describe how I feel also, my co-workers think they see changes in me but they can’t tell what it is…LOL I’ve been listening to the recordings at night. Definitely two thumbs up!!!”