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The Energy Transfer Reset (ETR) session resets the client to a pure state by clearing LOW frequencies & energy blockages! It raises the individual’s personal frequency/vibration so that the individual experiences more joy and peace. It is beneficial for humans, pets, and any being that incarnates.

The Energy Transfer Reset (ETR) provides the following benefits:

  • Removes all low frequencies and energy blockages from the human body, energy field, and all timelines energymdt Energy Transfer Resetfrom all incarnations, including our history in the Akashic Records
  • Removes implants and dark entity attachments
  • Begins a “Reverse-Aging” process that changes your DNA
  • Resets your soul back to a PURE state that existed prior to your incarnations
  • Provides quantum healing – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
  • Raises your frequency allowing you to connect with your spirit guides
  • Allows all types of physical healing to occur, including the healing of disabilities & terminal diseases

After getting an Energy Transfer Reset (ETR) clients report:

  • Eyesight healed – client no longer needs glasses
  • Cancerous tumor reduced by 50% in four weeks – oncologist confirmed healing was happening
  • Autistic boy showing great improvement in speech and behavior after 60 days
  • Stomach cancer completely healed in dog
  • Cataracts completely healed in dog
  • Skin cancers healed
  • Bodies exhibiting a “youthing process” – more strength, flexibility & pain reduction

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Remote Group Sessions

*Performed daily at 10:00 p.m. EST. You will receive an email with instructions

Individual Session

*Performed on-line via Zoom (www.zoom.us)

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