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Ximena Velasquez has created the following energy packages which contain healing energies for personal development and to overcome emotional hindrances.  These energy packages assist you and your pets in releasing judgement and emotions you have been carrying on you which are hindering your life, living, reality.

Are you looking to improve your life, relationships, finances?  energy packages guarantee

Get out of the “rut” you’re in?  

Is NOW the time to change?

I AM Series Package

Assists you to get that you are the creator of your life by reclaiming your power, being
control, accessing your awareness, tapping into your creativity, being JOY and ultimately attracting MONEY!


I Exist Package

Assists you in letting go of old programming, traumas, unlocking self-worth, unlocking self-confidence, creating trustworthy relationships, releasing sexual judgement, and increasing receiving to money!

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Pet Behavior Problems

Assists you and your pet to overcome challenges such as fear of loud noises, fear of people, anxiety, PTSD and other traumas and problem behavior!