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Energy activation clear limiting beliefs and programs on all levels (subconscious, soul, lineage, collective consciousness) through all life times and dimensions.  They are directly downloaded from source and they are tailored specifically for each being that listens to them.

EnergyMDT activations

They are delivered in MP3 format for download. They last between 10 to 15 minutes, approximately.  For the most benefit to you, it is suggested that the Foundation activation be listened at least once.  You can listen to them as many times as you desire so that which you are now ready to release is transmuted.

You may listen to the recordings in a cognitive manner (i.e. concentration on the recording), as a background recording, while you sleep in a “loop”, or even with no volume.  Please make sure you are not operating heavy machinery or driving while you play them since you can get distracted due to the high vibrating energies.

Foundation Activation

The foundation activation re-connects you to earth, your higher self, your guides.  It prepares you to accept other MDT activations with ease for the most effect to you right now.  Please listen to this activation first before listening to the others.

Release Fear and Allow Abundance In

new audio EnergyMDT

Be in control of you by releasing fear and allowing your creativity to flourish to create the abundance you are seeking.

Adventures in 2017

Are you ready to live and enjoy life and truly live?  “Adventures in 2017” is our gift to YOU.  With much gratitude for being part of our community…

Being Creativity

Being the energy of “Creativity” will open you create your own reality.  What if your life does not have to be the way you are seeing others live?  What if you can create something totally different that will work for YOU?

Being Joyful

Opens you to the energy of being “Joy”.  Seeing the world through the eyes of Joy creates a different point of view and your point of view creates your reality.  Also, remember that money follows Joy!

Fear of Change

Most people would rather stay where they are due to the fear of change, fear of the unknown.  What if change is the one thing that will be constant in your life?  What reality would you be able to create then?

Fear of Seeing the Truth

Some people would like to hide from the truth and thus they are “suddenly” surprised when “unexpected” surprises show up in their life.  What if these surprises are only “unexpected” because there was fear attached to seeing the truth?  Would you rather be prepared for what might come instead?

Re-connection with Inner Child

As we grow up, we are expected to get serious…to be “adults”.  But what if having that playful child like quality is what is required to have ease and thrive in this reality?  Would that be a contribution to your life, relationships?

Release Doubt

Doubt is a program you have running in the background.  It is that inner voice that makes you question if you are good enough, if you are worthy.  Is now the time to release this programming?

Release Fear of Moving Forward

Sometimes we stay in one place because it is “safe” to us.  It is where we know (good or bad) how to navigate.  But you did not come to this reality to play small.  You came here to experience and to change this reality.  What would you really like to experience?  How far would you like to go?

Release Guilt and Shame

Guilt and Shame are programs you have running in the background.  These programs make it easier to control you.  How many times have you done or not done something due to “guilt” or “shame”?  Who would you be now if you did not have these programs running your life?

Releasing Contracts

Through our lives we have agreed to contracts (written and unwritten) in order to get whatever we wanted (i.e. fame, fortune, success) but in return we also had to do something and that something did not end when we died because as infinite being we never die!  Now is the time to release all these contracts we have and live a life of freedom…

Releasing Enemies

Have you ever been in a love/hate relationship with someone?  If you have then you have probably met these people in other lifetimes where you were enemies and now you are meeting again.  Remember, as an infinite being you never die…your physical body does but the energetic being does not and if you have taken someone on as an enemy then you are carrying that through all your lifetimes!


This activation assists with emotional trauma in this lifetime or other lifetimes 

PTSD for Sexual Abuse

This activation assists with emotional trauma due to sexual assault in this lifetime or other lifetime 

Rinse Away

This activation releases energies we have connect to through all of our current lifetime and past lifetimes and which are no longer beneficial to us.